Information about Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of the most densely populated states in the nation, attributed mostly to its traditionally industrial economy popularizing an urban culture. In addition, Massachusetts dedicates about 520,000 acres to farmland, and also houses Crane Paper Company which produces the paper material on which money is printed.

Massachusetts’ primary manufactures include paper, plastic and rubber products, tools, machinery, technical equipment and other industrial equipment. Other primary industries are upper education (with over forty colleges in the Boston area), biotechnology, finance, health care and financial services. Primary agricultural outputs include seafood, tobacco, cranberries and dairy products.

Information about Dukes

County Seat: Edgartown
Etymology: Formerly a part of Dukes County, New York until 1691, the land at one time was literally the possession of the Duke of York
Formed From: From Martha’s Vineyard and the Elizabeth Islands, which had been part of Dukes County, New York until Massachusetts gained it in 1691
Date Founded: 1695

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